March 21, 2008

Other NZ Bloggers

Inspired by a comment (from KT) we received on my post about Air New Zealand ads, I thought I'd point out another NZ commercial that our friends Marrisa and Michael posted just yesterday.

In fact, I should just go ahead and highlight their blog in general, as they are famous now!  They also post at least once every day.  You won't find that here, folks!

I want to highlight Arthur's blog (Amerinz) again, as well.  He also updates at least once a day, and has twice-weekly podcasts.   Arthur is an American expat living in New Zealand, and has been here over 13 years.  

His blog often covers current political issues in both countries (which means I don't have to!).  I especially enjoyed his recent posts on how McCain has become Bush's bitch and has yet to speak up about Bush vetoing a bill banning the use of torture by the CIA.  


Marrisa said...

I am just writing about you now! Stay tuned!! xx

KT said...

Hi again -- lotsa thanks for the additional visual treat :-)

One question I always have about faraway places that I want to visit is something that's not possible to see in any video -- about the local wind: ! Actually I've heard/read that Wellington, for instance, is commonly windy most of the time -- and after travelling in Guatemala and Baja California, I learned that this can be an important thing to know about. While kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, I camped on beaches that were often so windswept that the sand was blowing into my eyes a lot of the time... and it just so happened to be "the windy season" when I was in Guatemala 10 years ago -- dust was flying everywhere (partly due to over-harvesting of local trees..... ) :-o
Got any thoughts/knowledge about this regarding the various regions of NZ? Are there places in the North Island that I could live in that aren't windy all the time?

Thanks again!! -

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Thanks for the mention! Politics in NZ and the US is a niche (which, as a new Kiwi, I now know is pronounced "neesh", not "nitch") I happily occupy. That, and talking about NZ in general.

I always liked that commercial and podcasted about the change to this version, oddly enough. But what I think is really funny are the typical YouTubian negative comments about the video. I mean honestly, why bother writing a comment to trash an entire country?!

I can't speak about the entire North Island, KT, but anywhere away from the sea tends to have more mild winds. But nowhere in NZ is more than about an hour's drive from a beach. In Auckland, there tends to be mostly gentle breezes, except the west Coast in West Auckland, which has notoriously strong winds, and an entire TV show, "Piha Rescue" shows what that can do. Actually, "The Piano" was filmed there, too.

Dawn said...

Hi KT, sorry for the slow reply!

As for the wind, ah, yes...NZ loves to take the piss out of Wellington for its wind. However, much of the country is windy as it's an island (well, two islands).

But Welly is not windy every day. In fact today, there's barely a breeze. We noticed that the Spring is very very windy, with the summer less so, and the winter only has a few windy days here and there.

The wind varies in parts of the city, as well - the waterfront is always the windiest bit.

I wouldn't say the wind is prohibitive most days, though. There is always someone walking, running or biking in the city at any time of the day!

Sorry, I don't know much about the rest of the North Island. I can only guess that areas in the middle would be less windy. Not sure about job opportunities there, though.