March 06, 2008


A while ago, I put up a poll about ideal work situations - awesome coworkers vs. awesome work? (Provided that both aren't possible.) From the few votes that were cast, people won out over work, but just barely. At the time, I was in full-on job search mode trying to find work I would be more interested in. I was indeed offered another position, but turned it down because I truly liked my coworkers and didn't want to take the risk of signing on to a new job where I may not like the atmosphere/people, even if the work was more ideal.

And then I received another job offer out of the blue just after the New Year! I started the new job earlier this week. Instead of moving laterally into a different accounting firm, I once again entered "industry" to be a (well, the) tax accountant within one company. So far, so good! I have already melded quite easily into the group I am a part of and find that I already like my new coworkers (and superiors).
It's a big change for me in that it is the first time in my fairly long career that I left one job to take another (if I don't count moving across the world....). I'm still in touch with my former coworkers and hope that continues.

Another recent change is one of season: it is now officially Autumn. NZ doesn't follow the typical solstice(s) to determine seasons - the seasons just change on the first day of the designated month. The smell of the end of summer was on the wind for the last 2-3 weeks, though...the crisp change in the air, the suddenly shorter days, and the faint hint of a fire in someones fireplace.
The leaves don't change in Wellington, though, which is one of the few things I really miss. I love the bright colors of a New England Autumn that are reflected in the fashion for the season. September (Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere) always meant a beginning for me - the start of school, new jobs, the slow descent to winter and the xmas season. And now, a new job.
The coolness in the air brings nostalgia and creates a desire to go on a hayride, and sit by a bonfire making s'mores. None of that is available here due to the wind, and the distinct lack of graham crackers and gigantic marshmallows.
Speaking of nostalgia...during the last week of my former job here, I was working a few long days. To pass the time, I brought out the trusty ipod and just hit "Shuffle Songs". As I've mentioned before, music is a strong tie to memories for me, and the mixture my ipod came up with last week was fun and brought back a lot of good (and bad) times:

Sign of the Times (Prince) - High school. Dances. 'Nough said.

They Dance Alone (Sting) - this song always takes me back to my college days when I listened to this song (and album) on an actual record player.

Good Enough (Sarah McLachlan) - ah, Sarah. How I didn't understand her lyrics when my boyfriend (Chuck) at the time tried to introduce her music to me. It only made me angry - why did she have to speak in riddles?!

Ani Difranco - any of her songs! (Ok, anything before the year 2000.) Hearing Ani's music floods me with memories of Pittsburgh...discovering her music, seeing her live in concert, and the horrible miserable years of dating.

Shadowboxer (Fiona Apple) - This song sums up quite nicely my relationship with Jose. At least the first year of it. Of course I was living in Pittsburgh at the time.

Godsmacked, Staind - these artists not only represented my "angry" years, but give me fond memories of nights out on the big town of Columbia with my new (at the time) friend Stacey. She is friends with a guy who sings in a hard rock cover band, and their shows were always a good time. Miss you Stacey!

Good Day (Luce) - I was introduced to this band by my good friend Jude way back in the Summer of 2004. Or was it Spring? I was in my new condo at the time, and would often chat with him on IM in the evenings after work. It was a difficult time for both of us, but the crazy, rambling conversations definitely helped.

You Each Time (Ani Difranco) - This song for me is all about a boy I dated in my early 30s. I was addicted to him, even though I knew he was bad for me. Bad to me.

Little Red Riding Hood (The Troggs) - Love this song - still makes me smile and giggle! Darren shared this with me early in our relationship (you know, the "glazed-over eyes" period).

And finally, any time an Irish jig or a song featuring an Irish fiddle would come up, I'd hit the skip button. Between the Autumn feel in the air, and the very sweet memories tied to the music, it's just too much to listen to right now. We miss all of you who shared those lovely moments with us at the Royal Mile Pub, including those fine gentlemen who provided the music for us to clap, dance and sing to (Paul and Neil).


Amy said...

Wow - congrats on the new gig!

Heather said...

Awww, that post made ME feel nostalgic. and over some of the same songs

Karen said...

Bleh, now you made me miss you more. That bonfire was so much fun!

Jude said...

No gigantic marshmallows... WHAT?! Come home. It's a bust.

Marrisa said...

Well done on the job front sweetie, cant wait to hear about it (will reply to your email soon and set up a date!).

Also loved the reminising, you have a lot of dating memories, there is no way you could fit in that many relationships when you are only 21... ;-)

Also....what on earth?? A hayride? Thought that was something only us english country bumpkins did!!