April 02, 2008

Because I'm Lazy...

Yep, it's Link-a-palooza again!  But only because I'm lazy.   

We've actually been up to a lot of stuff (leaving me with no time to update this blog).  In the past couple of months, we've been to heaps of artsy stuff, celebrated Te Papa's 10th anniversary, watched Dragon Boat races, bought (and viewed) some awesome B movies and learned (a little) Maori.  I'll update on all of this eventually - including pictures!

For now, you'll have to be satisfied with the weird and/or interesting things I have dug up on the internet:

First, the interesting:  Solar now cheaper than coal!

And the bizarre: Someone is obsessed with Katie Holmes and whether she really ran the NY marathon. 

Once again, Ebay proves that Americans will buy anything.

To the useful: Do you wear Crocs? Ever worry about what happens to them once you wear them out? Now you can donate them.

Let's not forget the naughty: Another pastor gets caught acting "totally out of character".

And a modern day "Lord of the Flies" situation in Georgia.

Finally, the awesome (sent by Stacey): Freedom of speech is alive and well in New Zealand.  


Raywat Deonandan said...

The "soles united" thing was actually on Celebrity Apprentice. How's that for a double dose of mediocrity?

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

About that BSA decision, you may be moderately interested to know that one of the complainants, Bob McCoskrie, is head of the right-wing christianist group "Family First NZ", the anti-anti-smacking (pro-smacking, in other words) people who are also opposed to marriage equality, sex education, girls getting the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer and, of course, abortion.

Another complainant, Stephen O'Leary, also filed a BSA complaint against TV3 for the "Bloody Mary" episode of "South Park". That complaint was also not upheld (basically, the BSA found, correctly, I think, that no one has a right to not be offended, including Catholics).

More often than not the BSA sides with common sense and the wowsers lose, in stark contrast to our homeland.

Oh, and about Crocs--isn't wearing them one of the Catholics' new deadly sins? If not, can it be?

Marrisa said...

Don't you knock your laziness - I love these posts, I learn so much!

I just cant see it. I really cant, the cornflake thing, I cant see it!!! Do you watch Friends? It's like the moment Rachel cant see her baby on the scan....I can't see it!!!

Also that thing about the complaints for Californication..... why don't people JUST SWITCH IT OFF! It makes me so mad, if you don't like it - turn it off.

OK so my rant isn't as 'intellectual' as these two above me, but you get the idea.

Where is the Pukeko advert?


d said...

Arthur - oooh, I am VERY interested to know about the complainants. Seems to me, then, that they just watch these shows to complain about them? I would think that a "Family First" kind of person wouldn't even have a TV.

It has to be noted that these shows (Californication, South Park) are "safe" in the US only because they are on paid cable stations.

Oh, and we like our Crocs. *sniff* They are great for Disney vacations.

Marrisa - haha! Yes, I know the Friends moment. ;) The corn flake thing to me is a huge weird mystery. What people spend their money on...!

My thoughts exactly on the TV shows. Like I said above - I think they watch just to complain! They must have a lot of time on their hands, no?

Pukekos!! The ad was taken off of You Tube! Luckily we saved it before then, so we might just upload it again and post it here. Stay tuned!