April 16, 2008

Cute Stuff

Just a couple videos to share today...

The first one was sent to us by our good friends, the Dawes.  Mike forwarded to me knowing that I had been searching for the video for months!  The video is a commerical for a local energy company here and features a New Zealand bird called the Pukeko. 

The birds are incredibly beautiful (and are also known as "swamp hens"), and the chicks are beyond adorable.  The first time I saw the commercial, I thought the baby Pukekos were CGI!  Nope - they really do have giant feet and little feathery bodies.  =)

The other cute animal video I have for you today was brought to my attention by my friend Katie.  It's "An Engineer's Guide to Cats":


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reed said...

oh my freaking god that is cute as hell