March 05, 2007

We are officially Permanent Residents

Even though the stamp we received in our passports from NZ Immigration on our arrival state “Holder may remain indefinitely”, it was subject to the conditions of our Visas. The primary condition being “holder must take up offer of employment within 3 months of the grant of the first residence permit and remain in that employment for a period of at least 3 months.”

That day is today!

Three months. It truly feels so much longer – perhaps because it is summer and the days are so long (although rapidly getting shorter as Fall approaches!), or perhaps because we just feel so solid and settled here.

And some more good news – we should have broadband internet in the next couple of weeks, and soon will sign up for a “Skype” account. This means any of you who also have a fast connection and a video camera attached to your computer can video-talk to us for free! =)


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