March 08, 2007

It’s about time

This blog entry, that is.

On the 11th (this coming Sunday), you guys in the USA will start Daylight Savings Time, and so will move your clocks one hour forward. For the next week, then, we will only be 17 hours ahead of you, instead of 18 (or one day ahead, 7 hours behind).

However, as we are entering Autumn here, we will be moving our clocks back an hour starting March 18th. At that point, we will be a mere 16 hours ahead of the US (one day ahead, 8 hours behind). It will stay this way until the end of the US Daylight Savings Time, and the beginning of ours.

What does this mean? Only that it will be more difficult to find times that overlap when I am starting my day at work (and on-line), and US people are still at work at the end of the day.

If you are confused, just check the clocks to the left <-- , they should continue to show the correct time.


Shannon said...

I think the devil invented Daylight Savings Time just to make it difficult to talk to friends not in the same country :-(

stupid farmers needing longer days!

KJ said...

Ouch, all that math makes my head hurt!

And I agree with Shannon. Time changes are the work of Satan.

Katybug236 said...

You know.. I used to like having more sunlight in the day but if it means less of you on the board then I'm not so happy anymore...

:( poo