February 27, 2007

Short, but (very) sweet!

Over the Christmas break, one of our first purchases was a waffle maker.
I had wanted one in the States, but we knew we were moving, so we waited. Soon after arriving, we found Woddles. (For you South Park fans, you have to say the name in the way that Timmy said “Gobbles!”)

But then we couldn’t find any waffle mix! So Woddles went unused until we met our friends Stacey and William. Stacey kindly gave us an awesome waffle mix recipe, which we finally used a couple weekends ago. Here are the beautiful, tasty results:


Michelle said...

Hi & Welcome to NZ!

I've enjoyed reading your blog, you've got so much more to experience yet. I'm originally from Colorado and have been here nearly 8 years.

If you're interested we have a message board group of Americans that are living in NZ. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/American_Kiwis/

We chat about anything and everything.

Take care and I'll continue to read about your adventures.


Katybug236 said...

I am so envious of your new toys. Why don't they make stuff like Woddles over here? I'd buy him in a heartbeat.

Shannon said...

Penguin shaped waffles might be worth a visit...too bad i'm broke :-(