January 22, 2007

Wellington Anniversary Day

Today is our first public holiday of the new year (after New Year's Day and the day after). Each part of New Zealand gets a 'Provincial Anniversary' day. Wikipedia can explain why. Seems there are differing views of this day as well -

On Friday, much of the city cleared out again as everyone went outside Wellington to celebrate Wellington's Anniversary by sitting on a beach, camping, or generally trying to find where the sun comes out the most. We, of course, stayed here to enjoy the city we chose to live in. Also because we finally have a couch, a coffee table (used for the TV and DVD player) and a bed. =)

The weekend has been eventful so far: Friday I had work drinks in the office until 8 pm or so. Saturday we spent much of the day shopping for a desk to no avail. It would help if we could remember what-all we have to put on or around the desk, so we could decide what type of desk we really need. So, after all that, we have decided to wait for the container.

Saturday night we went to Medina with a couple of friends - our aforementioned banker, Andrew, and his girlfriend Jasmyne. Andrew is leaving us and moving to Auckland to fast track his master's degree. Jasmyne seems upset about it too. (She does plan to join him up there eventually.) Of course we had a great time, as it was belly-dancing night. Most of the fun, admittedly, was watching Andrew trying to talk or not choke on his food as the belly dancer shook her stuff in his general direction!

On Sunday, we headed out to the Embassy once again to see the second Lord of the Rings movie. Once again, the theatre was practically empty! We met an American couple who were sitting behind us, as well as a Brit. We all got to talking after the movie and decided to go for tea. I have no idea how long we talked, but it was awesome to be around more people who are just as excited as we are to be here!

And today? I don't know...relaxing, maybe drinks with a co-worker...who knows who we could meet today?

Life is good. :)

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KJ said...

I love reading your updates. I can tell that you guys are really happy there :)