December 05, 2006

One Week

There is still so much to tell you guys about our first week here!

On our first day last week, once we had checked out the apartment, we set out to take care of some errands. We had a short, easy walk into the city and immediately saw the bank where we had sent paperwork to open an account. We walked in and met with Andrew, who is young, has crazy hair and seems quite disoriented most of the time. Still, he managed to set up our accounts, give us ATM cards, and let us choose our PINs in less than an hour. Awesome! Oh, and the whole time, the music in the bank was not muzak, but a local rock radio station – one that plays music similar to DC 101!

As we continued on down the street, we noticed that many of the people passing had wild hair – especially the men. A popular style for men seems to be pushing their hair to the middle of their head creating almost a shark fin. Other popular styles include growing the hair to different random lengths and coloring random bits of hair.

Later that day, we also managed to pick up a phone card, a city map, check out our PO Box and do a bit of grocery shopping. While we didn’t recognize a lot of the foods in the store, we did find soy milk, cereal, eggs and bread. The cereal posed a little bit of a challenge, as most of the boxes/bags included “sultanas”. Turns out they are quite similar to raisins.

We headed back home and only then realized how steep the hill is leading to our apartment. Between that and the stairs, we should be back in shape in no time!

Although I believed I had handled the time change and the travel well, I was exhausted when we got back, and laid down “for a little bit”. It was only 6 pm or so when I fell asleep, and I remember waking up a couple hours later and wondering why it was still so light outside. The next time I woke up, it was 11pm, and Darren had completely unpacked and was getting ready for bed! I know sleeping is my super power, but I have to chalk up this marathon nap to jet lag.

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