January 12, 2014

Kitties! (Part 2)

I guess it is really difficult to summarise an entire year with our girls in just one post!

So!  We have established that they are big on the cuddles - which is exactly what we wanted.  However, they are also really active and love to play (and climb!).  Here's an adorable video of  the girls using the kitchen rug to play hide and seek:

Daisy loves ALL boxes, even if they are too small for her:

She also has absolutely no shame:

Nala is a master climber, and likes to peer down at us from the top of the shower:

They are indoor kitties, due to the house being located in a suburb rife with indigenous birds.  To make up for it, we bought them a HUGE cat tower.  They just love it!

Over the year, each cat has picked her favorite human - Nala has chosen me, and Daisy adores Darren.  Just look at this:

And Nala loves belly rubs:

Lady-like, they certainly are not.  ;)

We've had some health issues with Daisy lately, which are hopefully resolved now.  Overall, it's been a lovely year having them in our lives.  The sound of them running around on the wood floors is too adorable for words.  Most of all, they bring us joy.

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