January 12, 2014

Kitties! (Part 1)

Oh, look! Another reaaaaally late post!

One year ago today, we adopted two precious kittens from the Wellington SPCA.  It wasn't exactly planned - we were only there to "look" - but it was something we had talked about for a while.

As many of you know, I was distraught when we had to have my cat Figaro put down just before we moved to New Zealand.  I was so heartbroken, it was a very long time before I even considered having another pet.  Fortunately (?) the apartment we rented for our first 4 years in Wellington didn't allow pets anyway.

A while after buying our house - once we had insulated it, installed central heating and replaced most of the windows - Darren and I both seemed to have the thought that we'd be ok leaving a pet in the house without worrying it would freeze to death during the winter months.  We started talking about what type of pet we would want.  Living a child free existence means we have had lots of freedom over the years to do as we pleased in regards to entertainment and travel.  We ruled out having a dog due to the sad state of our lawns and the long hours we both currently put in at work.

And then we talked about cats.  We knew we would adopt a stray or a cat from the SPCA - but what age?  And female or male?  We agreed on getting a female cat (they 'mark' less).  One day,  Darren mentioned it would be best to get *two* cats if we were to get kittens.  Great idea!  (And one that he regrets some days!)

So, one year ago, we headed to the SPCA to check out the kitties.  On the way out of our suburb, we saw a sign at a church that the SPCA was there right at that moment!  As we parked, Darren said to me "remember, we are only looking".  Who was he talking to? I'm an accountant! I have never impulse purchased anything*.

We walked into the church and saw a bunch of cages on tables.  The first cage had two kittens, but they wouldn't wake up for anything.  "Boring", I thought.  The next couple of cages had adult cats that were a bit too old.  And then I saw them:  two gorgeous white kittens in the back of the room.  I went up to the cage and asked the SPCA representative if I could hold the kittens.  One practically jumped into my arms when I opened the cage, and immediately started purring.

I was in love.  :)

I looked at Darren, and he knew.  He knew resistance was futile and that we were going home that day with two kittens. And so we did!

This is Daisy:

And her sister (same litter), Nala:

The SPCA representative told us that the kittens and their mother had been found living outside near someone's house, and the kittens were suspected to be around 4 months old.  No one had claimed them in the time since they had been rescued (about 2 months).  

Daisy was quite affectionate and needy - and just gorgeous - so we named her after a character from the TV show 'Dead Like Me'.  Nala is named for a character in the movie 'The Lion King'.  Darren felt that she was the stronger of the two kittens and definitely the protector.  

While Daisy was affectionate from the first minute, Nala was a bit stand-offish for a while. 
Still, the girls often nap together, even as they have gotten older:

They love cuddling with me first thing in the morning, which is an adorable way to start the day.  :)

Part 2 here.

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