August 06, 2008

Summer Blockbuster Movies

'Tis the season of the Summer Blockbuster.  Well, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.  The opposing seasons actually work quite well in that respect, as it's not so bad sitting in a theatre while Winter storms lash our two islands

So far this Summer/Winter, we've seen:

1) Iron Man  - we really enjoyed this movie! Great FX and a good story too.  Robert Downey is back, baby!

2) Chronicles of Narnia (Price Caspian) - Darren worked on this, so of course we had to see it!  I knew that he would be telling me all through the movie which things he made, and he didn't disappoint.  At the end, however, only I saw his name on the big screen.  He'll have to wait until we are on the plane.  Expect a picture of that event!

3) Indiana Jones 4 - Blech.  Horrible.  And more than just comically horrible.  The Editing Room does a hilarious abridged script of the movie.  Make sure you read the caption under the photo too!

4) Sex and the City - It was really good to see 'the Girls' (no, Ray, not the Twins) again.  The story was ok - some of it in line with the characters, some not.   Sarah Jessica's makeup was horrible though!  And at one point there was a (fake) bird in her hair.  I should say, at one point on her wedding day.  On purpose.  

5) Get Smart  - Cute, funny, no need to think.  Enjoyable fluffy action.  Steve Carell, as always, was hilarious.

6) Hancock - Loved this movie! Good action, good story and Will Smith once again did not disappoint.  Many people didn't like the twist/change from comedy to drama, but we liked the mix (similar to Man of the Year).

7) Dark Knight - Like the rest of the world, we thought this
 movie rocked.  Almost three hours long, I would have easily sat in the theatre another three if the movie had continued!  Incredible.  I love me some Christian Bale, but Heath stole the creepy show.  I giggled like a little girl when Batman popped out on the badass motorcycle.  I may have punched the air a few times during the movie too....
Wall-E hasn't made it here yet, and won't until September (ugh!).   Hellboy II and the X-Files have opened here, so hopefully we'll get a chance to see those soon.


Karen said...

We don't go to the movies much, but we made an exception for Dark Knight and X-Files. I didn't have high hopes for X-Files after them taking such a long break, but it was actually really good!

Raywat Deonandan said...

no, Ray, not the Twins


Erin said...

Wall-E will be right up your alley! Very cute and Helly Boy II was better than the 1st in my opinion!

Marrisa said...

Of course I loved Sex and The City! Of course! But we chose to watch Hancock over Dark Knight on our only ever night of freedom and now I am thinking we should have gone the other way... x

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, long time no see!

Well, actually that's a lie - I said hi to Dazzer at his new work the other day. Sorry I couldn't stop and chat, I was busy, and with someone else, and you were busy with a customer. I was tempted to ask "Does it have wings?" - but thought better of it.

Anyways, hope you guys are doing well. Drop me a line sometime :)