August 06, 2008

Is This Thing On....?

Hi folks!  I know it's been a while since my last post - sorry about that.  And thanks to all those who expressed condolences for the loss of my Uncle.  

Since my very quick trip to the US and back, I've been a very busy girl at work, at the gym, and having fun with our Meetin group.  I have lots of blog posts in mind, but not a lot of time to write them all out!  I will do my best to catch up shortly.

In the meanwhile, waste some valuable time checking out these links:

Ever wonder what your 'Spirit Animal' might be? Take this quiz to find out (I'm a Crow).

Watch a fun little Flash animation of an Icon War.

A New York Times article answers the question "Why do we capitalize the word 'I'?  It even delves a bit into the differences between the two US presidential candidates.

Discovered a couple new web-comics - My Life In A Cube, and  The System.  My favorite, of course, will always be Bry.  His drawings are incredible, esp when drawing his daily life.

This article about "7 People From Around the World With Real Mutant Superpowers" is amazing.  The part about the kid who has 'super' echolocation is one of the best things I've ever read/seen (there's a video!).

Speaking of interesting people, a guy named Matt is traveling around the world and dancing.  That's right...dancing!  And why the hell not?  Where the Hell is Matt now?  He's in Traverse City, Michigan.  Go dance with him! can now be used in the Maori language!

Finally, solid evidence that the world is ending: rolled jeans are back in fashion.

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Marrisa said...

Excellent. I have missed these posts! The stuff you find is just amazing! x