August 01, 2007

More Māori

Hi everyone! Sorry I skipped a post yesterday - I was actually slammed at work, and was at the office until very very late.

So, then, I'll have to do TWO phrases today to make up for it!

First, we'll do some geography. We live on the North Island of New Zealand:

Te Ika a Māui
Te Ee-ka ah Mo-wee


Aotearoa is the most commonly used name for New Zealand, which literally means "Land of the long white cloud". However, the translation book I just bought also gives this Maori pronunciation for New Zealand:

Niu Tireni
New Tee-re-nee

How about the seasons, next?

Winter (currently here in NZ)= Hotoke

Summer (currently in the Northern Hemisphere) = Raumati

Spring = Koanga

Autumn/Fall = Ngāhuru

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