June 26, 2007

Where We Are

I was about to post about our hike through the town belt above Mt. Victoria, but thought it would be good to give some perspective on where we live first. We'll start with the macro view - we are in the Southern Hemisphere to the Southeast of Australia - almost the first time zone on this side of the International Date Line:

Nevermind how close we are to Antarctica -

We live in Wellington, which is the Southern-most city on the North Island (and the capital of New Zealand). The South Island is just a three-hour ferry ride, or a one-hour flight:

In Wellington, we live in the area called "Mt. Victoria". While it fits the true definition of suburb as used in the English language, in American usage, it's closer to the equivalent of a neighborhood (similar to Federal Hill in Baltimore):

Our location is ideal, as we are incredibly close to the city, the sea, and the 'bush' (hee!). The arrow in Mt. Victoria is our street - you can see from the line just how easy it is for us to get to the Town Belt. What you can't see it that the walk to the Town Belt is almost entirely uphill! The arrow on the other side of the city is where I work (that walk is flat!).

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Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Wellington is also the world's southernmost capital city.