December 01, 2006

And we are here!

As you can tell, we made it safe and sound!

Since we were not able to check into the apartment until 2pm, Merrin first took us to the house she shares with Darrel to set our things down and rest up a bit.

We then went downtown and explored a bit, walking down Oriental Parade (yes, that is a street) over to the center of the CBD (central business district) and then somewhere in town to meet Darrel for lunch. They even treated us!

After lunch, Merrin took us to our new apartment to get settled. Darren proceeded to carry our five bags up four flights of stairs:

It was completely worth it, though, once we saw how beautiful the apartment is - this is the view from the living room:

This is the little enclosed porch next to the living room/off of the bedroom

And the view

I knew we were in the right place when I sat down on the couch, and saw this on the wall:


H said...

Hooray! Glad to know you two made it safe and sound to the new homeland. We miss you already but are glad everything's worked out so far.

Anonymous said...

OMG-Fig is there with you-what a sign huh? So glad you made it safe but I miss you terribly!! Now SHUT UP and get to ya:) Tara

Anonymous said...

Also wanted to add that your view is to die for-and your apartment looks like a perfect fit-send more pics when u can-T

Katie R. said...

Figgy is there with you!!!
The view must be killer at night!

Anonymous said...

Matt and I miss our new found friends, but your apartment looks AMAZING, now if we can only get you to pay to fly us there! :)