November 02, 2008

Jumpin... err... jimmeny?

Ok so, some animals can jump. I mean really JUMP! They are talented and cute and we love to watch them. A few cases as seen below.

Adorable, strange but adorable.

Aww... who doesn't love penguins?

And of course... frogs are awesome.

Now let's say that you are  not at all cute and in theory not supposed to jump. How sad would that be for you? Now let's say you are slowly evolving the ability to jump. Wouldn't that be cool? As a few examples of animals you wouldn't think of as jumpers and yet jump they do. Some scary stuff if you encountered these animals in the wild.

Jumping Crocodiles? Really?

Jumping Great Whites... what the hell?

Leaping Mantarays!

And of course... flying snakes. No shit.

Not sure why this intrigues me but it does. If you haven't seen some of these, ignore the talking and just watch (I just turn off the volume). It is worth it if you have not seen them.

1 comment:

Marrisa said...

Woah. That is some scary snake shit. I was always safe in the knowledge they were mainly ground creatures, thats spoilt that! That flipping shark is a big one too!

Cool vids, thanks! x