August 22, 2008

Ok now I am really worried.

Thanks to Arthur and his request for more ways to waste time when he should be working, I bring you another intriguing installment in the "why the hell would you post that" saga.

Here we have a blog posting called It's Lovely! I'll Take It!  It shows actual pictures people put in their real estate listings. Honestly, they are even linked to the listings for many of them.  I pulled out a few of my favorites for you today.

1) Yes, it's a set piece from The Cabinet of Dr Caligary.

2) Infestation, no, why do you ask.  Yes look carefully, there is a bug fogger in the middle and oh wait, yep dead bugs everywhere!

3) ET went...  home?   Seriously, I always wondered what that little guy did when he finally left Elliott.  Apparently he went on a bender with Godzilla.

4) My final and personal favorite.  This one (I swear) was actually listed as "Detached Home".

Now I won't pretend that these are as "interesting as the cakes", but there are a certainly a few on here that deserve a "what the ????" award.


Marrisa said...

I have just wasted some serious time on that website and I am just amazed at what people do. We have seen some pretty nasty listings for things here too but nothing like some of those! x

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

If this keeps up, I'll need to add a new blogroll for wonderful timewasters. Thanks!

Tara said...

I especially liked the listings where people included photos of the bathroom, but not only left the toilet seat up, but also neglected to flush. I am sure they were just showing how environmentally conscious they were.