June 27, 2008

Meeting a Legend

Surprise!  Yep, I (Darren) am back again with another installment of what I like to call a, “ I should have written this for the blog ages ago, but didn’t” post.  Anyway...though I have recently taken up a new makeup position, this post is regarding events about 2 months ago when I was still working at Weta Workshop.

For those who have never heard of Dick Smith, he is basically the “Godfather of TV/Movie makeup” and a living legend in the business. Luckily, I had the great pleasure of not only meeting Dick when he came to visit us at the Workshop, but actually working with him off and on for the two weeks he was with us.

During the time I had with him, we talked about everything from the best way to remove bubbles from molds, to health and nutrition, even politics.  Dick (as he prefers to be called, no Mr. Smith thank you) is a brilliant man and though even he admits that his mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be, has so very much to teach (even outside of the makeup field).  One day I found myself sitting with him and my writing/project partner Bill Hunt, having lunch and talking about such random topics as the dangers of politics vs. religion and the hazards of soymilk and fluoride.  The wealth of knowledge that this man brings to the table (figuratively and literally) is awe-inspiring and I was truly humbled to be in his presence if only for a few short weeks.

I now email Dick off and on, with questions or comments or just general inquires about his health and family. The fact that I can happily call Dick a friend is a testament to how far I have come both professionally and personally. He has seen my work, critiqued it, and after many conversations has thanked me for my insight and knowledge. This experience has been, and will continue to be, an amazing addition to my life.

Rest In Peace STAN and thank you...


-bry said...

Dude... that is awesome! You have no idea how happy I am for you. I can relate (but I'll send that privately).

Marrisa said...

Awww sweetie that is truly amazing.

One day there will be someone who will blog about meeting you, someone will be inspired and someone will thank you for everything - and rightly so as one day you will be that Legend...