May 13, 2008

..and some links too!

From the useful...

On nicer days, I walk to work along the waterfront. I know it's faster (and much prettier) than walking through town, but I have no idea how far I've walked. Then I found!

Another useful site I stumbled upon last week is SeatGuru. This site has mapped out every plane that every American airline (and several international airlines) has in their fleet. AND - it will tell you which seats are the better ones! Moreover, it has a handy tool that lets you compare seat pitches across airlines.

Think you know how to eat sushi? You may be surprised. the interesting...

A city in Missouri is now completely powered by wind.

Ever wonder what the largest insects on Earth are? Well, here's a list anyway.

And 5 psychological experiments that prove humans are fucked up. the silly.

Storm Troopers are complicated fellows, and have a full life when not working.

Finally, some


Katybug said...

Tony Stark...mmmmm...yummmy

Katybug said...

OK - I'm an uber idiot. You know I meant to put this under the Iron Man post right? ;)