December 08, 2007

The end of the Mo

For the Movember party, Darren decided to go with the "Pirate" look.  Here's his final mo in costume:

He went to the local Movember party held at The Lanes - a very cool bowling alley. Turns out he was the only Pirate there! He didn't win for best costume, but he did get his picture in the paper (thanks to Darryl for pointing this out in the last post's comments!)

And on the first of December, I got my hubby back! =)

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Marrisa said...

Hey! Good to see you today, Mo'less and all you looked great! I completely forgot about the thing at The Lanes and that you told me about it Dawn! Ooops, but how fab you go you got your photo in the paper - oh you are just so famous!