November 03, 2007

And for Some of the Costumes...

Mike as a "Punk Fairy"

Loren and Heather bucking the system

Mike and Darrel as Dracula

Francois as a Frenchman (not too much of a stretch!) and Emily as a Palm Reader

Mike (#2) as a pun - "Death Takes a Holiday"

1 comment:

KJ said...

As usual, you and Darren did a great set up! And what's with the career decision you mentioned in a post below?

In responses to your comments on my blog:

YAY!!! You know you have a place to stay! =)

I think the final game is held in Auckland, but I'm sure there will be semi-final type stuff in Welly!

As for the alternate career - well, it's good you found out early in the process. Doesn't mean you won't find something else in your future...or you may just decide to stay in NZ forever once you come here and see how beautiful it is!

That's a distinct possibility! Unfortunately I've noticed that "admin assistant" isn't on the government's list of critical skills shortages, so I will just have to work on snagging a Kiwi husband :-)