September 03, 2007

1st Wedding Anniversary!

Today is our one year wedding anniversary. One year, and I still spend countless hours staring at my engagement ring when it catches the light just-so…
Ok, I’m back. =)

To celebrate our anniversary, we’ve decided to buy a joint gift instead of trying to figure out what to get each other. As soon as I had made the suggestion, we both knew what we should buy: a sculpture.

Shortly after we moved, we wandered into a little art gallery on Wakefield Street called Tamarillo during one of our weekend strolls. We had noticed a little sculpture of a Kiwi in the window made of metal and wanted to take a closer look. We didn’t have the money to buy it then, but we visited the little Kiwi every other week or so just to make sure he was still there. Luckily, he was still there this weekend.

The shop did a great job of wrapping him up, complete with wrapping paper and bow (pictures later). Tonight, we’ll unwrap the gift together when we go to dinner at a little French restaurant near our house.

We’ll also make sure to take a picture while at dinner, as our friend Merrin suggested, to include in a photobook that we can add to each year on our anniversary.

Speaking of pictures, here are a handful of our favorites from the wedding. If you’d like to see the photobook I put together, click -->here<-- .="" br="">


Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary! Great idea to buy a gift together, too. You guys look so adorable in your wedding costumes--is that what you call it? Seriously, congratulations!

P.S. I do hope you're going to post an update on your trip!

Dawn said...

Thanks! haha - costumes? Maybe...outfits? =)

Yep, the trip report/update is in the works and will be posted soon!

Katybug said... got someone to keep Fred company :P

Spikey said...

You guys are totally adorable.