June 21, 2007

Very very tiny update (48 hours movie)

Just a quick update on the 48 Hours film that Darren participated in -
  • The film can be seen on You Tube here: Destination Earth
  • Destination Earth won runner-up as "audience favorite" at their 'heat' (out of 9 films)
  • Darren won runner-up for "Best Makeup" in Wellington (out of 109 films)
  • For those in New Zealand, the Grand Final competition will be shown (live!) on Channel C4 at 8:30 pm on July 1st. Mark your calendars!


Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

I'll set My Sky to record it (just in case)!

Tracie said...

So, I have to tell you...after watching Darren's movie (which was great,btw), I opened up a news thing on my RSS feed, and the featured photo was a creepy little caterpiller. Which wouldn't normally gross me out, but I imagine that's what the aliens in the movie looked like, and it gave me the heeby-jeebies!

Katybug236 said...

Awesome :) Did Darren like giving a chest wax?

d said...

Katie, he said it was "entertaining" ;)

Bob Goh said...

Very impressive..! Nice Work!