May 18, 2007

What are YOU doing this weekend?

Can you make a movie in just 48 hours? That is what Darren will be attempting to do this weekend! Not by himself, of course – he is part of a team headed by a couple of folks from Weta Digital. Darren will be head of makeup/hair/music and “anything to do with blood/splatter”. Our friend William will be heading up the art direction.

The movie project is part of the “48 Hours" annual contest. Movies are required to be longer than 2 minutes but shorter than 7 minutes, including credits. The catch? (Besides making it in only 48 hours!?) They won’t know the genre of film to be made until 7pm Friday night. There are 500 teams competing this weekend – I’m sure to see at least a few teams running around this fair city at all hours trying to film shots for their movies!

I’m counting on Darren to take notes on this, as I am not a part of the film. For some reason, they didn’t need a tax accountant for such a short movie! ;) We’ll have a full report for you guys once he catches up on his sleep and the hallucinations stop.


Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

This sounds soooo cool! I'd love to be part of “anything to do with blood/splatter”. Fancy not needing a tax accountant! Clearly they're not on the business side of film making! Read about Winebox, and they'll suddenly realise how much they need you!

Katybug said...

AWESOME! Definetly want to know how this turns out!