May 06, 2007

Some introductions

A while ago, I added links to other Kiwi bloggers from America, but have not introduced the people behind them! So, some virtual introductions:

AmeriNZ: This blog is written by Arthur, who emigrated to NZ (Auckland region) several years ago be with his Kiwi partner. He writes at least once every day about several different topics in depth, and records two blogcasts each week (they are available on iTunes or his website for free). I highly recommend reading his blog especially if I haven't updated in a while and you are looking for something to read. =) Arthur's blog also offers a great perspective of gay life here in NZ as compared to the US.

Aotearoa Dreaming: This blog is written by our friends William and Stacey, whom we met through the immigration forum Move2NZ shortly after moving here. They are from Atlanta and moved here just about a year ago. Although William updates about as frequently as I do, he takes much better pictures and they have been quite a few more places around the North Island than we have.

Island in the Pacific: This blog is written by Jessica and Darryl; I found their blog from AmeriNZ's blog. They live on the Kapiti coast, which is just an hour or so North of Wellington. The views are stunning!

Triumph Over Madness: This blog is written by our friend Reed, who is from Tennessee. We met Reed through the Meetin group here in Wellington. He's here only temporarily right now, but we highly suspect he will collect his wife back in Tennessee and move here permenantly by the end of the year. We hope, anyway! =)

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Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words! As you know, I keep mentioning you or your blog on my podcast because you always have interesting things to say. Which is why I hope you'll find time to post more on your blog--I'll certainly be reading!