April 24, 2007

More fun with words

Can't believe I left these out before!

Hire: rent *
Jerseys: sweaters
Letterbox: mailbox
Push bike: bicycle **
Rates: property taxes
Torch: flashlight

*This is used for video stores, as well as rental cars and costumes!
**Many people here say bicycle or bike, but push bike is often found in news stories or said by older people.


Anonymous said...

Can I just point out that these are all common words used in Britain and Ireland.

d said...

I'm sure they are, Anonymous.

They are still quite new to me, though, as I have not lived in the UK or Ireland and most of my friends/family haven't either.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

And, a motorcycle is sometimes a motorbike, an airplane is an aeroplane, a cooktop is a hob, a kitchen counter is a bench.... ah, I could go on all day. But instead, I'll save something just for you at the end of my next podcast. ;-)

d said...

Arthur - a BENCH! I remember my friend Merrin used that term years ago, and I had no idea what she said (probably because it sounded like Beeench).

Can't wait for your next podcast!!