March 18, 2007

We have wireless broadband!!

Just a little excitement here in the Dsquared household - we finally signed on with Orcon, and bought Airport Express again (this time with a NZ plug). We are all wired up and surfing from anywhere in the house again! WOO HOO! =)

So, then, this means we have signed up for Skype. Any of you with a high-speed connection and a computer with a video camera can call us for free over the internet. Just download the free software, set up a free account and email us for our accout name. Then we'll just have to set a time.

As I mentioned in the "Time" post below, we are now only 16 hours ahead (or 8 hours behind) you guys on the East Coast. It makes conversation times a bit tricky, but I'm sure we can figure it out!

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Raywat Deonandan said...

Hey I just plugged your blog on mine.

Let's see whose hit count goes up more