February 14, 2007

We have officially moved!

The move went quite well, with the movers arriving at the beginning of the designated time – 9 am on the dot! There was a little bit of stress regarding the parking situation, as Department of Transportation decided to redo our road starting THAT day, AND our landlord is having our building repainted. Once we explained to the painter that we had been waiting 3 months for our crate (to the day, incidentally), and that we might both have strokes if the moving truck wasn’t able to park, he moved his van for us.

And, so, for the curious – THE CRATE:

Our moving guys were quite professional and super-nice. The driver introduced himself, shook our hands, and then introduced the three guys working with him. Once the crate was open, they immediately got to work bringing all our boxes into the house. I checked off each box as it left the truck, and Darren directed the movers where to place each box as it came in.

The living room was filling up fast!

But not as fast as the 2nd bedroom – it was our “catch-all” room.

The sleeper couch had to be brought over the balcony, as it was too long for the staircase. No problem!

Once everything was in, the unwrapping began…

The movers unwrapped all the furniture, set up the bed, and placed everything else. They were very careful, and nothing was scratched or dented –including the walls. It all took about 3 hours.

Then Darren and I got to work on the rest of the boxes. We started in the living room first,

then the kitchen,


2nd bedroom,

and finished the day working on the built-in bookcase in the living room. We decided to go for an “organized disorganization look”.

The next day, Darren worked on setting up the electronics in the living room, as well as sorting out the rest of the boxes in the 2nd bedroom. We finalized that room and the closet through Thursday evening and the weekend, and hung up some pictures throughout the house. We were all done by Sunday!

The house is great – with all the storage, all of our things fit in very easily. It helps that we have a garage space, as well, where the bikes are stored, as well as the Christmas tree and some empty boxes.


Shannon said...

Beeeoootttiful!!!!! I'm so happy you've finally got your stuff back and we no longer have to kick crate delivering people's asses!

Katybug said...

Looks fantastic! I love how everyting fit so perfectly. Is it weird that I noticed your toaster out of all those pictures? I really like it.

WhoNose said...

Wow, the place looked great even before all the furniture was in there, but now that I see it all done, I'm even more envious!

KJ said...

Beautiful! I'm jealous. I haven't even painted my condo yet!

B. said...

yay! I'm glad to see you guys have officially 'settled.' It's alway sa huge relief to have your stuff in a new place. You think those movers could come to Houston? I've got to move come April.

Tracie said...

Amazing. You get your apartment set up in a weekend, and Kevin's been in his place for what, 20 months, now? And he's still hemming and hawing about living room furniture.