January 12, 2007

We have keys!

Which go to an apartment, naturally. Not only keys, but a garage opener for the car we don’t have! I’m sure we can store anything from our container that doesn’t fit in the apartment there, though. When the container arrives, of course.

Update on that? The container has been moved to another boat which sailed from Singapore a few days ago. It is due here on February 2nd, and will then go through customs clearance.

No worries, though, the movers have arranged furniture rental for us starting next Friday until the delivery of our items. Which means we only have to “rough it” for less than a week. Merrin and Darrel, the ever-handy friends, have graciously offered to let us borrow anything we need (sheets, towels, pots etc), and bought us an air mattress for Christmas. We also have the utensils, cups and plates from our picnic set and some other kitchen items we’ve picked up since we moved here.

We’ve also been busy little consumers, and over the Christmas holiday contributed greatly to the Wellington economy. We needed to replace all the electrical items we couldn’t take with us, so we started with the most necessary items: printer, microwave, foreman grill, and a hairdryer. Then we found a great sale on a DVD player – actually a newer version of the one we had at home – so we bought that too.

We decided to put a TV off for a while because they are so expensive here. I have wanted to upgrade my 19” tv to a 29” or a 32” for the longest time, but was always put off by the size/weight of the bigger TVs. Oh, and the price. THEN, the store where we find the most bargains ran a credit/interest promotion for the New Year – and we saw a beautiful LCD 32” TV was 50% off, so we bit the bullet and got it! Kevin, if you are reading this, I’m sure you are just the teensiest bit upset that I finally have an awesome TV AND a surround sound system suitable for watching movies, and now I’m too far away to have you and Maur over…

An email with our new phone number will be going out soon!

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Katybug236 said...

B-E-A-utiful TV!
I'm jealous