December 11, 2006

Our first weekend

Before we went car shopping, Darren and I ate at a little diner near our apt. While there, we perused the local paper, The Dominion Post, and saw a review of the movie The Nativity Story by Graeme Tuckett. Some excerpts:

"Already guaranteed to rake in squillions from the Bible Belt yahoos, the makers of Nativity are now gunning for us; the average, non-church-going, couldn't-give-a-snuff-really Kiwis, just looking to be entertained for a couple of hours over the holidays."

"And it's gratifying to see a 'Bible film' featuring an authentically dark-skinned cast. At least till baby Jesus shows up, looking as pale as the Milky Bar Kid. Oh, well."

I just love the forthrightness of the reviewer. We have found a that many ads on TV, as well as TV morning show hosts and radio djs have the same sort of attitude. Love it!

On Saturday, Darrel and Merrin picked us up and took us over to Island Bay to eat lunch at The Bach [pronounced "batch"]Cafe. Click here for a definition of a Bach.

The food was really good, and the view stunning:

After lunch, we went for a short walk down the beach a bit, then back to the car. I am still stunned that seemingly no matter where I look here, there is beautiful land or water to see. We also went into town to a store called Kathmandu, where Darrel and Merrin shopped for their upcoming holiday in the South Island over New Years. Even 50% off, fleece pullovers were $70! How we miss Old Navy

I honestly can't recall what we did for the rest of the weekend, but it may have included laundry, watching tv and looking for apartments (none of which were what we were looking for). So, then, here is a picture of the house we are staying in from the outside. Our awesome picture window is the top rectangular one.


Anonymous said...

I need you to give me a list of things I'm not allowed to ship over to you. I know you can't have porn, do they have other restrictions on what you can receive?

Katybug236 said...

You can't have porn? Well shit... what's the point then? ;)

d said...

Oh, we can have porn - you wouldn't believe the freaky porn they have here! You just can't import it.

Katybug236 said...

By the way - I love the "no bullshit" review. We need that here but everyone is so afraid of offending others...

Amy said...

I miss you guys!

The photos are beautiful, btw.