December 28, 2006

One whole month!

Can you believe it? Don’t know what it feels like there, but it feels like we have been here for ages. Could be due to the super long days, or the fact that the move went to smoothly (well, except for our container – will get to that in a minute), but the transition has been fairly easy here.

I suggest for anyone moving over that they do it around the same time we did. I think it’s easier to go from Winter to Spring/Summer, and all the good sales on any replacement items are happening now. Not to mention the cities plan all sorts of outside activities/festivals in January-March, which is a great way to get out and meet people.

Now for an update on the movers: after I demanded our money back (and got an answer of “no”), they suggested that they arrange for rented furniture so that we could live in the apartment we signed a lease for, and some money back for the aggravation of it all. Sounds like a reasonable compromise, considering the boat could very well arrive later than February 1st. We won’t know the true estimated arrival date until our container is loaded onto the connecting boat in Singapore on January 5th. Could very well turn up early! HA!

I know that I am way behind on our adventures here, and I hope to remedy that with the time I have off for ‘holiday’….


Katybug236 said...

How much sunlight to you guys get? Sun is setting around 4:30-40 ish here now.

d said...

The sun rises around 5:30-6:00 and the sky is light well after 9:30!