December 31, 2006

A Day in Pictures

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to the Botanic Gardens, which are high above the city, connected by the Cable Car. The weather called for showers in the afternoon, so we headed out in the morning with a picnic backpack to enjoy the sun while it lasted. And it truly was beautiful before the storm from the South rolled in.

The pictures represent only a small portion of the Gardens - we traveled the paved road (pink on the map) from the Cable Car entrance past the Australian garden, down to the Treehouse Visitor Centre (which was closed) then to the Main Entrance, where we turned around and went back up the hill/mountain. When we got back up near the Observatory, we went down a side road (#17) that was gravel/dirt through a more wooded area, then back up to the Cable Car.

Fortunately, the rain cleared later that evening in time for an amazing sunset:

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Anonymous said...

It is too beautiful to be true. How romantic. Dawn, were you flirting or do you know the names of all the trees and animals. Uncle john will definately give you a test. I know that Darren will pass.